Cumulus Solutions, Inc. (CSI) brings over 125 years of information technology experience in delivering solutions to some of today’s most difficult challenges.  CSI is focused on delivering a true collaborative audio and visual conversation without the normally associated costly infrastructure.  We have worked hard to identify the best technology and integrated it into flexible platforms that can be tailored to meet the State of Texas’ specific needs, without doing away with your legacy environment.  We provide the tools for High Definition (HD) Conversation – enabling flexible, adaptable, secure and efficient voice, video, web conferencing and webcasting services.

CSI will offer solutions to all four service offerings requested in the Technology Based Conferencing Services RFO;

CSI’s Aerus represents products that can be procured separately or together and is one of the first cloud-based audio and visual collaboration solutions that remove the constraints of the traditional conferencing meet-on-the bridge single workflow model for multipoint sessions. This enables spontaneous, fluid and organic workflow that allows users to collaborate in native resolution while sharing control of the conversation, desktops, applications, whiteboards and other materials . . . And all integrated into your LAN, WAN, 3G/4G/LTE wireless or satellite communication backbone.

Software as a Service (SaaS), FIPS 140-2 and HIPAA compliant security, public and private cloud offerings are all made readily available for integration into solutions specifically built for the needs of public education, public safety, telemedicine, traffic monitoring and control, command center operations and a myriad of other audio, video, web conferencing and webcast requirements.  At the heart of our offering is Aerus – an integrated set of virtualized software tools.  Simply put, if you have an Internet connection, you have CSI’s Aerus collaboration suite.

The HD Conversation, Right Now with Aerus

CSI’s Aerus is deliberately designed to get out of the way, to be transparent to users who simply want to collaborate and get work done.

CSI’s Aerus breaks free from traditional approaches and expensive meet-on-the-hardware bridge workflow models by replacing it with a new cloud-based switched audio and video architecture that integrates HD resolution video communication and advanced data collaboration.  Now teams around the State of Texas or down the hall can seamlessly work together in scheduled or spontaneous visual conversations.  First responders and public safety personnel can share information visually using the latest in WebRTC technology. Simply, if you have an Internet connection, you have CSI’s Aerus HD Conversation.

What is WebRTC?  WebRTC is a free, open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities, and is seen as bringing Unified Communications together and putting that functionality within a browser based architecture. So any user with a WebRTC browser, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, can become an instant member of the collaborative Aerus community.


The result?  The flexibility to deliver information in a much broader set of workflow scenarios than traditional MCU or hardware-bridged models was ever designed to address, while improving the experience and productivity potential of video based interaction.  You can spontaneously communicate face to face and share any content you need on the fly as the need arises and now, with this unique solution you can do it securely, privately and from just about anywhere.

Aerus is about how you work, not where you work.  Aerus fits any workflow – whether it’s at your desk, in a classroom, emergency room, operating room or command center.  It works the way you work without the need for scheduling a bridge-based asset setting up any type of collaboration in an intuitive and effortless manner, as shown in our Fluid Workflow Model below.

Figure 1: CSI’s Aerus Workflow Model meets and exceeds Texas’ expectations  for Technology Based Conferencing Services
Figure 1: CSI’s Aerus Workflow Model meets and exceeds Texas’ expectations
for Technology Based Conferencing Services 


  • Existing Texas customers can upgrade their conferencing services to a cloud based web centric collaboration system that provides audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing and fully interactive collaboration, and webcasting without abandoning legacy environments.
  • A software-based technology solution to provide a high quality collaboration product enabled by high definition video at 1080p that facilitates full functionality of your applications from Microsoft, Apple and Unix/Linux.


  • An integrated solution that capitalizes on a significant shift in the legacy videoconferencing market, from hardware-centric to software based solutions while working with your legacy systems from Cisco, Tandberg, Polycom, Life-Size and even Skpe.
  • A “bring your own device” (BYOD) approach driven in part by the continuing availability of more powerful, commercially available IT hardware at lower cost points, combined with the move to cloud-based service delivery architectures: public, private or a combination of both.


  • Transcoderless architecture that enables ad-hoc multipoint calling utilizing scalable video coding, while also providing a wide breadth of interoperability with legacy video conferencing systems and consumer solutions such as Skype™.
  • Aerus Invite using WebRTC can be used to bring users across your enterprise together – 3G, 4G, WiFi and satellite based devices are welcome and it’s all scalable and interoperable with your legacy MCU-based room based systems. 


Our Visual Conversation model enables customers to share a range of collaboration tools in a natural and productive way, delivering visual collaboration over legacy video conferencing.


Security has been integrated into the solution and is available for those agencies concerned with meeting the highest standards in the industry.

  • offer a time-tested cyber security architecture to deliver peace-of-mind
  • protect your network sessions, critical information, and enterprise IT from cyber theft and malicious attacks.
  • certified to address PCI, HIPAA, FDCC, FISMA, FIPS 140-2, and other mandates for compliant Type-2 communications deployments.


Cumulus Solutions, Inc. provides our customers with the ability to operate securely within public, private, hybrid and even ad hoc cloud environments.   We understand your needs change over time and our solutions offer the flexibility to evolve quickly to meet them as new needs arise.  Keep your existing environment of hardware, software and video teleconferencing, and allow our flexible Visual Conversations tool set to allow you to work the way you want without ever getting in the way.

Aerus and Aerus Secure can be delivered in a totally private cloud environment if needed.


Figure 2: CSI’s Aerus Usage Case Matrix of applications to the State of Texas’ specific needs
Figure 2: CSI’s Aerus Usage Case Matrix of applications to the State of Texas’ specific needs 
  • Aerus, Aerus Conference and Aerus Webcast Cloud architecture: Provides a cloud-based and codec-agnostic peer-to-peer video architecture that puts flexible control into the hands of the individual end-user while reducing capital costs and minimizing the need for internal resources, while interoperating with your legacy environment.  CSI adds the flexibility of operating in a public, private or hybrid environment using FIPS 140-2 and HIPPA compliant security solutions – all integrated into the Visual Conversation.
  • Rich data collaboration: Through its innovative approach to collaborative sharing, CSI securely integrates data from any computer on the network, whiteboards, mobile devices and tablets, databases and other data sources into the visual experience while maintaining 1080p picture quality.  The Visual Conversations leverages over 500,000 software applications to ensure your collaborative environment is exactly what you want it to be and the way you are used to operating.
  • Interoperability: CSI’s approach to interoperability ensures that all video, audio and data collaboration capabilities are preserved when interoperating with other vendors’ systems.
  • WebRTC support: Users without a Aerus endpoint can fully participate in any session through a WebRTC-enabled browser thru Aerus Invite.
  • Scalable Video Coding:  Uses a codec-agnostic peer-to-peer video architecture called SVC++ that enables robust, independent encoding control of 1080p resolution video at each endpoint to deliver the visual detail required for natural collaboration.
  • Voice support:  Extends the reach of visual collaboration to those participating by phone to ensure that they have full access to collaborative materials.  Up to 50 remote users can be conferenced together from each Aerus end point.
  • Virtual desktop support: In addition to PC, Mac, Solaris and Unix-based resources, we support Linux-based Citrix and VMware virtual desktop clients natively on any endpoint, thereby enabling participants in a visual conversations session to access and share a wider range of virtual desktops.
  • Lower TCO:  By eliminating the need for a hardware or software MCU, we significantly lower capital costs, while sophisticated techniques like Application Layer Multicasting and anti-tromboning help reduce bandwidth costs and management requirements. Cloud delivery also reduces the need for capital investment and provides an operational view of costs.

CSI has integrated a number of key innovations to create an engaging, fluid, secure and spontaneous audio and visual HD conversation to improve decision-making, productivity and efficiency.  

Our service packages have been integrated to provide in-depth solutions across all four services requested.  The CSI Team brings state of the art collaboration allowing users to bring their native operational environment into collaborative space.