Cumulus’ Cloud Conferencing Solutions

Share a range of collaboration tools in a natural and productive way. Cumulus Solutions Incs.’s Visual Conversation model enables visual collaboration over legacy video conferencing, all at a disruptive price point.

Take a deeper dive into CSI’s groundbreaking cloud-based technology solutions and see why it frees you to work the way you want to work.

Woman participating in an HD video call in her office

The Visual Conversation –
Work the Way You Want to Work


CSI offers the first cloud-based truly switched video solution. We eliminate distance, required bridges, hardware lock-in and frustration to bring you and your colleagues together into a seamless and spontaneous visual conversation — whether that’s at your desk, on the road, in a meeting room or anywhere you happen to be — with the people, data and tools that you need. Our system provides a cloud-based video architecture that puts flexible control into the hands of the individual end-user.

HD Quality

Communicate and collaborate in high-definition video (1080p resolution). Based in the cloud, CSI’s codec-agnostic, peer-to-peer video architecture, called SVC++, enables ad-hoc multipoint calling with robust, independent encoding control of 1080p resolution video at each endpoint. The result? Delivery of the level of visual detail required for natural collaboration.

six coworkers talking on a work-related video conference call
phone with laptop showing Skype

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Our system is PC, Mac, IOS, Android, and Blackberry compatible. The BYOD approach is made possible in part by the availability of powerful IT hardware at lower cost points. The move to cloud-based service delivery architectures and business models is also a contributing factor.


We understand your needs change over time. Our solutions offer the flexibility to evolve quickly to meet your new requirements as they arise. We are also equipped to help you make the shift from hardware-centric to software-based solutions while working with your legacy systems.

Interoperates with Other Systems

Our flexible Visual Conversations toolset will work the way you want without ever getting in the way. It interoperates with legacy video conferencing systems and consumer solutions such as Skype™. Keep your existing environment of hardware, software, and video teleconferencing if necessary. CSI’s approach to interoperability ensures that all video, audio, and data collaboration capabilities are preserved when interoperating with other vendors’ systems.

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • By eliminating the need for a hardware or software MCU, we significantly lower capital costs.
  • Interoperability with legacy video conferencing systems and consumer solutions lowers capital costs.
  • Sophisticated techniques like Application Layer Multicasting and anti-tromboning help reduce bandwidth costs and management requirements.
  • Cloud delivery reduces the need for capital investment and provides a more predictable and manageable view on ongoing operational costs. It also minimizes the need for internal resources.

Integrates Rich Data

Through its innovative approach to collaborative sharing, CSI securely integrates into the visual experience data from any computer on the network (including whiteboards, mobile devices, tablets, databases and other data sources) while maintaining picture quality. The Visual Conversation leverages over 500,000 applications to ensure your collaborative environment is exactly what you want it to be.

Woman conducting a 1 to 1 video call on laptop

More Features

WebRTC support

Users without a CSI endpoint can fully participate in any session through a WebRTC-enabled browser.

Voice support

Extends the reach of visual collaboration to those participating by phone to ensure that they have full access to collaborative materials.

Virtual Desktop support

In addition to PC, Mac, Solaris and Unix-based resources, we support Linux-based Citrix and VMware virtual desktop clients natively on any endpoint. This enables participants in a Visual Conversation session to access and share a wider range of virtual desktops.