HD Audio Conferencing

Cumulus HD Audio conferencing provides all the features you’re looking for in a conferencing service. You can establish default feature settings for each conference bridge. Most features can be accessed or configured during live conference calls by using a telephone keypad or via the online Live Conference Manager which is accessed by the Host a Call link at the top of the conferencing website.

Key Features

High Conference Capacity

You can host up to 250 participants on your HD audio conference calls, or up to 500 participants with a Custom Number Option.

Reservationless Conference Start

Your conference bridge is always active. Conference calls begin instantly whenever the bridge is accessed; no scheduling is required. (Hosts can control when callers are placed into a live conference.)

Streamlined Conference Management

The web-based Live Conference Manager allows hosts to manage conference calls, modify feature settings, and control conference recording. You can also elect to receive a conference summary report after every call.

woman hosting an audio conference on her cell phone while controlling the conference on her laptop

Host Controls

Multiple Hosts

Any number of parties can join the call as hosts (by entering the Host PIN upon joining the bridge), allowing multiple leaders on the conference call.

Live Conference Manager

Hosts can log into the web-based Live Conference Manager to manage conference calls, including viewing participant Caller ID, muting participants, modifying feature settings, and controlling conference recording.

Conference Recording

Digital recording of the call, which can be downloaded from the Cumulus HD Audio website. Hosts can toggle the recording on and off during a call, using keypad codes or the Live Conference Manager.

Email Conference Report

You can elect to receive a conference summary report after every call, listing the participants and other call details, including a link to download the recording of the call (if available).

Conference Lock

A host can lock access to the conference bridge, preventing new callers from joining the active call.

Participant or Group Muting

Via the Live Conference Manager or keypad codes, a host may mute specific participants, or silence all participants (non-hosts) on the call.

Promote to Host

During a conference call, a non-Host can promote him or herself to the Host role (by entering a keypad command and providing the private Host PIN), giving him or her access to the Host Keypad Commands – eliminating the need to drop off and call back in as the Host.

Conference Termination

A host can force the termination of the conference call, disconnecting all participants, by pressing a keypad code. This feature is useful when you have scheduled back-to-back conference calls.

Touchtone (DTMF) Suppression

Filters out the tones produced by phone keypad, so that other participants on the call do not hear the tones.

Print Wallet Cards

Participant Controls

Record Name

Callers joining a call can be asked to record their name, which may be announced upon entry or exit to the call, or replayed privately via the Roll Call feature.

Private Roll Call

Callers joining a call can hear a private announcement of the number of active participants. Participants can also press a keypad code to hear a private playback of the recorded names for the active participants at any time during the conference call.

Entry/Exit Notification

Participants can be announced upon joining or leaving the call, using chimes or recorded names.

Mute Music-on-Hold

Any participant can toggle music-on-hold on or off via the phone keypad, while waiting for the conference to begin.


Hosts and participants can mute themselves by pressing a keypad code.

Raise Your Hand

Participants can indicate to a conference host that they have a question or would like to comment. If the conference is in Listen-Only or Q&A mode, the host can unmute the participant.

man outdoors on a conference call on his cell phone

For Additional Information on Cumulus HD Audio Service Plans:

Please contact us at info@cumulussolutionsinc.com or by calling 1-800-240-9557.

Texas DIR Pricing

See pricing for the DIR-TSO-2598 Technology Based Conferencing Services contract here. You can also contact Cumulus Solutions at DIR@cumulussolutionsinc.com or by calling 1-800-240-9557.