You get all the capabilities of Cumulus HD Video with Embedded Network Security;

Cumulus Secure is a family of FIPS 140-2 compliant client-side network appliances that provide tightly integrated network security services on behalf of the devices they protect. These services include:

  • Full-packet AES authenticated encryption for private communication.
  • Mutual public-key authentication of all connections.
  • Automated session key establishment and management with perfect forward secrecy.
  • Full isolation of protected devices from the un-trusted network.

shutterstock_144607898The pre-configured virtual machine with a Cumulus Secure image provides for isolated and non-disruptive embedding of security services in network appliances link ATMs, medical appliances, SCADA systems and voice and video communications appliances. Hardware and virtual Cumulus Secure network connect to secure servers to create secure enclaves that are closed to all un-authorized communications. All protected devices connected to an Cumulus Secure enclave appear to be on a private Ethernet LAN and may freely intercommunicate using their native application protocols.

The security protection of Cumulus Secure technology is transparent to protected devices. There are no protocol limitations; no packet fragmentation and network performance impact is nearly un-measurable in most instances.

When an Cumulus visual collaboration system includes the feature, the security is non-functional until activated with the insertion of a USB “crypto ignition key” by the user. The key contains a “subscription”, used by Cumulus Secure to connect the Cumulus cloud to a secure collaboration enclave. After a few tens of seconds, the user may initiate their visual collaboration session with other participants who are also subscribed and connected to the same enclave. All Cumulus system functionality works in the normal way only limited to communications within the closed user group. All group communications are private and protected for the duration of the session.

Community of Interest Cumulus conferences can also be created with Cumulus Secure.  Customers can specify they want different “crypto ignition keys” for a specific enclave or group of users. For example, an emergency response control center wants to establish a secure enclave to discuss sensitive information – an enclave specific crypto ignition can be provided that would support that specialized enclave of users excluding all other users without the right “key”.

When a user removes their key, the secure connection is terminated. The same user may use a different key to connect to completely separate closed user group collaboration session if they have been subscribed.  Users can only participate in one enclave collaborative call at a time.

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